Director . Cinematographer . Producer .  Co-founder of Crafted Films

Tiago Mesquita is an award-winning Director, Cinematographer and Producer with over Twenty years of filming experience in Europe, USA, and across four continents.

Considered a multi-talented, multi-skilled filmmaker, he combines robust technical expertise with a very personal, story-driven and artistic background.

Tiago was honoured to have worked with numerous Oscar-winning actors or nominees such as John Malkovich, Ryan Gosling, Javier Barden, Alan Arkin, Bruce Dern, James Earl Jones, among many others.

He is a winning Director of "Cinequest", the feature film directing competition. Graduating with honours from the Los Angeles Film School on a scholarship from his national Ministry of Culture, he later taught film directing, film production and cinematography.

Known for bringing the best out of people, actors and crew alike, Tiago promotes a film set where a great sense of humour, creativity, inspiration and efficiency reigns, and where the team can thrive.

Tiago is the studio head and lead producer of Crafted Films and Crafted United Industries. They are a fully integrated structure which combines production company, film financing and film studios (including full cinema equipment "A to Z" and full post-production facilities). One common denominator: uncompromising quality, cutting edge images, music, sound and productions, carved with the passion and dedication of craftsmen or sculptors.
The emphasis is on high concept, thrilling, innovative and inspiring Films, anchored by a world-class cast.

Apart from his film training, his 25 years of traditional martial arts, Mixed Martial Arts, and combat training serves him well when shooting ambitious action and fighting sequences. He worked with stunt teams from movies like "The Matrix", "Batman", "Transformers", "Rush Hour" or "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Aside from his Film background (ranging from classical theatre, rooted in solid acting and writing, all the way to sophisticated VFX), Tiago has a LAW degree, specializing in Cinema, European and International Law.

Lastly, years of studying piano, guitar and music composition at the music conservatory have allowed him to compose for several music scores and music records.

Tiago strives to give voice to people while telling meaningful stories. Can filmmakers make a difference?